Double K Popcorn grows the world’s preferred, premium popcorn in the heart of the Nebraska Sandhills. Here, the semi-arid climate, warm sunny days, cool nights & fertile well drained soils combine to produce gourmet popcorn that pops light and fluffy. Our family farm operation takes pride in producing a quality food product for both retail and wholesale customers.

Give our microwave popcorn a try and we know you’ll find it to be a cut above what you typically might find in grocery stores.  We carry three flavors so pick your favorite and enjoy!

  The Butter is the ever popular needing no further introduction, the yellow butterfly popcorn and light all natural buttery flavor sells itself!

  The Natural is white butterfly kernels and fits great with your favorite popcorn seasoning!  It pops up light and tender and the all natural is an open pallet for all your favorite add in popcorn flavors!

  The Picante is the newest addition to our family, it has some great spice with a little garlic, cumin, oregano and cayenne pepper making an amazing experience for the taste buds.

All three varieties are gluten free and a low-calorie treat that tastes great any time!

We produce three varieties of kernels for everyone to enjoy that come packaged up in 30 ounce plastic jars:

  Yellow Butterfly: This is the classic movie-style popcorn that is most well known. When in doubt, turn to this one! It won’t surprise you or disappoint you.

  White Butterfly: So soft and tender, it’s easily becoming a favorite of many. This popcorn has fewer hulls compared to other types, so no need to worry about pesky pieces getting stuck between your teeth!

  Yellow Mushroom: Looking for something different? No, it doesn’t taste like mushrooms! Mushroom popcorn pops nice & big like a mushroom. Traditionally used for caramel corn, kettle corn & other confectionary popcorns. (Microwave not available.)