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Half & Half! Butter & Natural Microwave Popcorn – 36 Bags



Get the best of both worlds with the Half & Half

Buttered Flavor Microwave Popcorn
This is our first, the original & a favorite of many. With a taste that can cause a lapse in memory of why you ever bought any other brand. No napkins needed to wipe away greasy oils.

Natural Flavor White Popcorn
White popcorn has a softer hull compared to the other types, making it a little more tender. We use our white butterfly popcorn, palm oil & salt are the only ingredients, nothing else!

All of our popcorn comes wrapped up individually, with UPC codes which make them great for retail, for the home, for gifts, or to take on the go. Both flavors have only 35 calories per popped cup, making this one heck of healthy snack. You can eat the whole bag for less than 100 calories! By only using the highest quality of ingredients, you can taste the quality & that is what makes this popcorn standout from the rest, not to mention our popcorn goes almost directly from the field to your home.

Additional information

Weight 175 oz
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 8 in